8 Best New Year Decoration Theme in 2021

20 Nov    Business
New Year Decoration Theme in 2021

You can not just wish everyone and pop a bottle and call off the night for a celebration of the New Year celebration as it is just around the corner. One more month and New Year Eve will just arrive ringing your reason to have a party to celebrate the goodness and happiness of the occasion.

At the end of this year, it comes the time for planning a bash party to celebrate the year. From inviting your guests to preparing delicacies for the celebration, there can be a few essential things you need to keep in the mind to complete your New Year’s Eve party. Creativeness, fun, and efforts are all needed to complete your New Year Eve theme to impress everyone. 

Dump and forget all the former old ideas that you used to go to decorate your party space to bring an oomph factor for all the guests. Find yourself lucky enough as we are here with some of the amazing New Year decoration theme ideas for you to create an amazing effect for this party season. We believe that listed below amazing party themes will for sure keep your New Year party going until midnight with an amazing ambiance for you, your friends, and family.


On New Year Eve, no detail can be perfect than the New Year decoration you set to commemorate the farewell of the year. Give your ensemble glamour by adorning amazing party decorations. If you are confused about the party decoration theme then you can go for an amazing and dazzling glittery party theme.

For any kind of party or celebration, banners and balloons can be one of the New Year decoration items to mark your day. You can fill get a glittery HAPPY NEW YEAR BANNER as well as a glittery photo booth. Add some glittery confetti balloons to your wall or you can even hang them to the ceiling. You can fill up even clear balloons with glitter to give it a cool effect.


Decorate your new year party event with a Black and Golden party decorations which can look mind-blowing at your party. You can get black and golden theme party decoration items which include gold foil curtains, a black table runner, some black and golden foil or latex balloons to hang on the ceiling or your wall.

Hang some banners of the same theme color. You can select the black banner with golden imprinted letters that spells “HAPPY NEW YEAR.” Why would you compromise with your party theme when this New Year can bring lots and lots of elegance to your party.


Glow in the dark party theme can be one of the best party themes for your New Year party. You can involve some bright colorful New Year decoration objects that glow in the dark. Get some neon glowing garlands that can be suspended on your ceiling or hung on walls.

A bright-colored banner reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR” would be a great addition to your party decoration. You can also wear a glow in the dark necklace. To make your party decoration glow in the dark, you can go for some LED black lights or fluorescent tubes that ensure neon colors glowing super bright.


A colorful theme party can always be exciting and especially when it is your favorite time to start your new beginning of the year. Bring the pop color to your life ahead with a stunning pop color party theme. For the decoration of your party space, you can amaze colorful confetti balloons or normal party balloons which can be latex one as well as foil balloons.

Add some wall hangings and a colorful foil curtain suspended on your empty wall. You can let balloons float in the air or tie them in different places. Get some New Year party props so that you enjoy an amazing time with your friends while taking pictures.


Get the 80s back in your life while bidding goodbye to this year. A Retro Black and White party theme can be best for all those retro lovers. Get some beautiful black and white party supplies such as balloons, foil curtains, banners, photo booth props, table decoration New Year accessories, and many more. You can even go for some retro-themed colored dress code.


Get the romance, action, drama, comedy all in one setup in your New Year party this year. You can go for fun-filled Bollywood decade party themes. Get the cutouts of your movie posters and frame them to hang them on the walls. You can also get a printout of some famous Bollywood dialogues to add a Bollywood theme to your party. Hang some gorgeous-looking confetti balloons all around and also do not miss out on the purchase of a banner!


A bonfire can perfectly be done outdoor and a party that is themed based on bonfire night can be perfect. What can be the best and warm feeling than getting the warmth of a bonfire partying outdoor? To make your outdoor setup gorgeous, you can get some led lights to decorate the outdoor. Add some balloons where ever you can and if you get the chance to hang a banner then consider that too. 


A masquerade party theme can be fun for everyone. To get all of the masquerade decoration set up you can add the elegance of drape fabrics from the ceiling cascaded down around the room. Do not miss the most essentials of the New Year party theme which is masks for your masquerade party. Pair up clothes with your stunning masks!

We believe that the above given New Year decoration ideas for party theme this year would be enough for you to throw a bash to welcome New year. Enjoy to the fullest with your friends and family.

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