March 1, 2021

A Definitive Guide to the GIIS Super Star Scholarship

GIIS Super Star Scholarship

As students explore their worlds and constantly connect with the environments around them, they harbor precious dreams – dreams of professional success, of personal enrichment. It is here that schools enter the picture and provide them with golden opportunities to fuel their dreams. 

Reputed international schools aim to provide world-class amenities and infrastructure to deserving students, facilitating a bright academic and professional future. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, proficient teachers, and a SMART campus, Global Indian International School offers adequate nurturing and support to such students, ushering them towards their goals. Its esteemed GIIS Super Star Scholarship (GSS) is one of its initiatives to help academically inclined students embark on fruitful journeys.

What is the GIIS Super Star Scholarship All About?

The Super Star Scholarship by GIIS is a merit-based program that provides meritorious students with a definite direction towards promising opportunities. It offers a conducive learning environment resplendent with adequate resources and encourages bright minds to take the leap!

The scholarship is specifically designed for students who intend to pursue their education abroad at the GIIS Abu Dhabi’s school campus. It helps students attain easier access to reputed undergraduate programs of their choice and in their chosen subject(s).

Prerequisites and Conditions to Applying for This Scholarship

  • The scholarship is open to deserving students from ASEAN countries (i.e. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Singapore); South Asia (i.e. India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh); Gulf countries; and European Union countries.
  • The school sponsors the selected students’ education costs at the GSF campus location. 
  • The primary difference between the Global Super Star Scholarship and the Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship is that while the former is eligible only to students who wish to study at the GIIS Abu Dhabi campus, the latter caters to students seeking admission at GSF campuses of their choice within their countries of residence.
  • Thus, students who wish to study within their native countries may apply for the Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship.
  • The Global Super Star Scholarship’s validity lasts for up to two years for students who wish to pursue their 11th and 12th grades at the Abu Dhabi International School.

Eligibility Criteria for the GIIS Global Super Star Scholarship

Based on the students’ merit, this scholarship is broadly classified into two categories:

  • Category A includes students who have scored 96% and above in the CBSE, ICSE, State, or any other recognised board. Students hailing from the IGCSE, GCE, and GCSE boards should have scored an A* grade in all nine subjects. The school provides category A students with a 65% waiver on their tuition fees.
  • Category B entails students who have scored 95% to 96% in the CBSE, ICSE, State or any of the other recognised boards. Students from the IGCSE, GCE and GCSE boards should have scored an A* grade in 8 subjects. Students from this category can avail of a 50% discount on their tuition fees.

Applying for the Global Super Star Scholarship: The In-Depth Process

  1. Fill Up the Application Form: Parents must fill up the scholarship application form available on the GIIS Abu Dhabi website. The form also requires the applicants to upload certain essential documents, such as their academic records of the past two years, UAE resident VISA copy of the parent and student, and the Emirates ID copy of the parent and student.
  2. Scholarship Assessment: Next, students must appear for a scholarship examination, which helps the school to ascertain their eligibility for the scholarship. Students currently residing in other countries may take this examination online, from the comfort of their homes. The scholarship requires students to be thorough with the basics of subjects like mathematics, English and social studies.
  1. Scholarship Test and Interview: Next, if applicable, students must appear for a scholarship interview held by the school. The school may conduct this interview upon its discretion if it believes that a student’s eligibility for the scholarship needs to be further confirmed.
  2. Notification: Parents of successful applicants would be notified over email within ten working days. In case of any queries, one may contact the school or leave a message on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website.
  3. Scholarship Selection: Finally, the selection and disbursal process takes place. Scholarship awardees must register within two weeks and join the school within 90 days of having won the scholarship.


The GIIS Super Star Scholarship is a significant stepping-stone for academically-inclined students to progress in their endeavors. Being an infrastructurally advanced city, Abu Dhabi is emerging as an educational and commercial hub. And a school like GIIS provides students with premier resources to fulfill their dreams and prepare for a boundless flight ahead!

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