February 4, 2021

Complete Requirements for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

If you’re a student studying in GIIS or a parent of a student looking for tuition discounts, you have landed in the right place. The Global Indian International School (GIIS) has many scholarships you can choose from. Of the most scholarships provided by GIIS, the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship is amongst the most popular ones.

In this blog, we have covered the A-Z of the scholarship, popularly known as APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship, its eligibility criteria, and a complete list of the requirements needed to attain this scholarship.

Let’s begin.

Eligibility Criteria:

The APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship is a skills-based scholarship awarded by the GIIS. It seeks to reward students who have shown a competitive aptitude in the field of science and technology.  

It mainly looks at a student’s achievements in the digital space. Likewise, the scholarship also looks at how proficient the candidates are in various fields of digital tools, gadgets, and applications. What makes it a remarkable scholarship is that it promotes a spirit of scientific temperament in students. By offering tuition fee discounts, GIIS has done everything it can and more to encourage scientifically-inclined students to achieve greater heights in what they love doing best.

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How is the Selection Process for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship? 

Category A 

The Dr APJ Kalam Scholarship’s first Category goes to the top applicants ranking as the best in different categories of STEM or Robotics.

  • Top ten rank holders in the past Olympiad competitions either by SOF/STEM or Robotic competitions. 
  • Top three national winners of the annual National Children’s Science Congress.

In total, Category A of the Dr APJ Kalam Scholarship awardees gets the most value with 19% off on tuition fees.

Category B 

This option is ideal for candidates who rank among the top 20 students at annual national SOF/STEM or Robotics Olympiads. If you are a top State Winner of the annual National Children’s Science Congress, then you will most probably qualify for Category B of this scholarship. 

As an extra, this scholarship category offers the top-ranking team at ISRO Space Quiz, or the NSS (National Space Settlement) competition the option to apply. Success in the application process sees each student get 15% value off their tuition fees. 

Category C

Like other categories, this option offers an equal shot to the top 30 national candidates of the annual STEM education or Robotic Olympiads. 

The top ten rankers at state or international level Robot Olympiad are also eligible under this scholarship category. Top ten rank-holders in international or national competitions or fairs run by top IT firms such as Google or Microsoft are also eligible to apply. If you are part of the top two ranking teams at NSS competition or the ISRO Space Quiz, there are chances you can get on board. 

Awardees of the Category C scholarship will get a 9% off on their tuition fees.

Category D 

The Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship has a fourth and final category, labelled Category D. You can apply for this scholarship if you meet the following criteria:

  • 40 Top ranking national Olympiad students on STEM/SOT or Robotics.
  • Top 20 of any international, or national IT competitions run by the leading firms like Microsoft, Adobe, or Google 
  • Top 20 top rankers at Robot Olympiad competitions. 
  • Part 3 of top-ranking teams at NSS or ISRO Space quiz. 
  • Any national winner of an innovation award at competitions such as the CIASC-CSIR/International Level. National or State level achievers at MOE/CBSE science exhibitions or the NTSE (National Talent Search Examination).

The scholarship under the category D gives successful applicants 6% off on their tuition fees. Even though it ranks behind in value, this scholarship provides the most options to students regarding eligibility criteria. So if you are not qualified for the first three categories, don’t lose heart.  


In addition to the criteria mentioned above, the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship further issues a disbursal criterion that candidates must meet regardless of the scholarship category they apply. As such, each applicant for this scholarship needs to: 

  • Be a Malaysian Resident either with a Dependent Pass or Student Pass. 
  • Be a national, regional or international representative in STEM forums with a Published thesis, paper or documents on tools or gadgets in the digital space. 
  • Relevant proof of publication, thesis statement, or research paper on categories such as AI, Robotics, Coding, Blockchain or App-making. 
  • Existing invention or innovation of a tool or gadget on STEM, Robotics and other technology fields. 

Most people never receive scholarships because they don’t follow the guidelines or adhere to the requirements. If you missed out before, make sure you have everything you need before applying to increase your chances of qualifying for the scholarship. Keep an eye out on GIIS’ official website to keep a tap on this scholarship, so that you have an early bird advantage over others. Good luck!

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