How Grade 11 Students Can Apply for GEMS Education Scholarship

29 Dec    Education
GEMS Education Scholarship

GEMS Education Scholarship is an integral part of a kid’s development, but what is more important is for students to get the right guidance for the future. School is not the point but the path that paves the way for a kid’s future.

GIIS helps your kid explore all the aspects of childhood and work towards building the future which he/she chooses.

The 9GEMS  scholarship is an award-winning framework which won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product/Service Award 2014 by the Institute of Directors. Aimed at providing a holistic teaching methodology for students’ development, 9GEMS is offered to various students who are passionate about learning.

The GEMS Education Scholarship is offered to students of various grades studying the CBSE curriculum for one year. Let us learn more about the scholarship in this article:

Features of the 9GEMS Education scholarship

To understand and know all about the 9GEMS Education scholarship, it is essential to know the basic features like:

  • Applicable Grade: The scholarship is applicable for all the students studying in the GEMS schools in grades 6 to 12. This scholarship is associated with each GEM in the 9 GEMS pedagogy.
  • Time Period: The GEMS Education scholarship is offered to the selected students for one year. 
  • Scholarship Value: The scholarship value varies for different selected students, based on their eligibility. The value is divided into three categories:

Category A:

For students who have received recognition in an International event in any of 9GEMS Skills, the scholarship value is 9% of the tuition fees.

Category B:

For students who have received recognition in a National event in any 9GEMS Skills, the scholarship value is 6% of the tuition fees.

Category C:

For students who have received recognition in a state-level event in any 9GEMS Skills, the scholarship value is 3% of the tuition fees.

  • Recognition: For the recognition, the various eligible categories include:

For Sports: State/ National/ International Level Sports (team or Individual), SGFI, CBSE Cluster.

For Performing Arts:

Gandharva Mahavidyalaya/ Trinity College London/ Torrins Academy Certification for Dance/ Music/ Musical Instruments; Drawing Exam (elementary/ intermediate) State Government certified.

Eligibility Criteria:

While all the students can apply for the scholarship, there is an eligibility criterion that one must fulfill to apply. The criteria include: 

a. The Applicant must be an Indian Citizen.

b. The students must have received National or International or Regional recognition, in the fields of sport, co-curricular activities including visual and performing arts, community service, innovation and entrepreneurship, showing extraordinary leadership skills are eligible to apply.

c. The student’s academic performance of the past one year will also be taken into consideration. 

d. The Scholarship Test and Interview that the student has appeared for. 

Based on students’ scores in b, c and d pointers, the scholarship will be approved for candidates. 

How to apply for the GIIS scholarship?

After reading all the above points, if you are interested in applying for the GIIS scholarship, follow the below steps. It is essential to know that for submitting your application, the applicant must be an enrolled student in one of the participating schools such as GIIS. Only once you have an active enrollment can you apply for the scholarship.

Step 1: Visit the GIIS Surat website and look for the 9 GEMS scholarship program. In the application form available fill in all our relevant details. 

Step 2: Along with the application, upload all the prerequisite documents like the academic record of the past year, certificates, awards, supporting documents of one of the 9 GEMS categories. You might also be asked to submit a cover letter, convincing the authority of why you are the right candidate for the scholarship. 

3: Once submitted, if your application is accepted, you will be notified via email within the next ten working days. 

4: An assessment of all the chosen candidates will be done, followed by an interview (if applicable)

5: Based on the documents uploaded and the candidates’ assessment, the candidates will be chosen for the scholarship and will be disbursed to them.


GIIS, a global chain of premier institutions, offers various scholarships to provide students with a quality education. They have adopted international best practices and provide a world-class education to build future leaders.

Suppose you are interested in applying for the scholarship and aiming for your holistic development through best education and extracurricular activities. In that case, 9 GEMS scholarships will help your child become a future prodigy.

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