December 29, 2020

How to file Income Tax Return ITR 4(Sugam) For A.Y. 2020-21 Step by Step Guide| Finztax

Who Should File ITR 4 (AY 2020-21).

A. File ITR 4 on  E-Filling Portal ( &  B.Using offline Utility.

ITR  4  Filling  Required  Documents.

  • 1. PAN

2. Form 16/16A

3. Form 26 AS

4. Proff Of Tax Saving Investment /Expenses

5. Bank Statement

6. GST  Turnover As per  GST Returns

7.Adhar Number Or Enrollment ID(for Individuals)

ITR 4 E-Filling Online Process step by step Guide.

1.Click the botton to login.

2.Enter Your User ID, password ,captcha code/OTP.Click Login.

3.Click the filling of Income tax return,hyperlink or click income tax return  from the e-filling Menu.

4.Select the AY  2020-21 , ITR form Number ,Filling type, and submission mode  From the  Drop down menu, click here to continue.

5.Tick the I agree  to click  all the pre filled data box,click continue.

6.ready the instructions tab ,click next .

7.1 check the pre-field data  and change any incorrect details.

7.2 Enter relevant details in the income  details tax.

7.3 fill scheduled only if claiming  deduction under part B. of Chepter VI-A( Between 01.04.2020 and 31.07.2020)

7.4.  Enter the details of  Medical Insurance Premiums Under  the Sheduled 80D tab.

7.5. Enter the relevant donation  details in the scheduled  80G tab.

7.6 Enter relevant details in  the BP tab.

7.7 check and edit the details  under the  tax details tab.

7.8 check and edit the  details  under the taxes  paid  and  verification tab.

8. click previous and submit. Click ok  to preview  filed form ..

9. click on submit.

ITR form 4 File offline Utility

1.On the  E-filling Portal   home page , click  on the  IT Return  Preparation  Software  Link .

2.choose the  AY  as 2020-21 ,  From  the drop down menu.

3.Click the  downloadable  form  under the  ‘Microsoft Excel ‘  or “JAVA” column, in the  ITR 4 row. loging , Go to the my account menu  and click the download  pre-filled  XML Option.

5.Select the  AY As 2020-21  and ITR Form-4 .   From the drop down  continue. the bank account  where you want  your refund  credit. Click Download XML.

7.Tick the I Agree  to click all the  Prefilled data box .Click continue.

8.Click the  Button  to prefill  your details the XMl.

9.Enter the details  in the defferent tabs of the utility.

10.validate your data , then  create  an XML  of the  return form.

11.Post Login  Select Income tax  Return form  the E-Fille Menu.

12. select the AY, The ITR form number ,filling  Type , and submission mode.

13. select a mode to verify  your return .

14. attached the  XML File and  Click Submit.

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