January 3, 2021

How to Host A Splendid Bachelor’s Party | Party Guide

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You may be forgiven if you forget to bring the ring to the altar, but as the best man, if you cannot throw a proper bachelor’s party for your best friend, you will never be forgiven. Even though the affair should be fun and not based on a strict set chain of events, making some decisions beforehand will add to all involved enjoyment. 

These are the five steps to follow:

1. Www

the three w’s are the first consideration: who, where, and when. Before establishing the party location, determine the guest list. If the groom-to-be only wants a small number of friends to attend, the setting might be at home. If he has a lot of friends, a more extensive public place might be in order.

Consideration should be given to the bride’s father if he is to be invited. No matter what you plan for the party, keep in mind that the groom needs to be respected by his father-in-law after the event is over. The affair is traditionally the night before the wedding, but this is not always wise. It is more practical and easier for the groom to have the party at least two or more days before the wedding.

2. The Menu

As a general rule, guys are not that hard to please when it comes to party food. If your party plan involves a pre-party meal, you can opt for easy-to-serve snacks such as peanuts, chips, dip, and light appetizers. The appetizers might include chicken wings and pizza. If you will be the one to clean up afterward, try to make it as easy on yourself as possible.

Now whatever the menu is, it is not a party without a cake. Party cakes need to make a statement. Make sure you are ordering from a reputable online bakery. Get the finest cake delivery in Salem services that will offer you competitive prices and theme cakes for the party.

 Make sure the cake cutting ceremony is perfectly aligned with the surprise element in the party. The cake can be either themed or non themed.

 3. Big Brother

Select a trusted person to be in charge of the groom. Bachelor parties may get a little wild, and you need to be sure that the groom will not get into an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation other than those you have planned. It is best that the designated person does not partake of alcoholic beverages so that he is alert for the duration of the event.

 4. To Drink Or Not To Drink

It is not mandatory to have alcohol at a bachelor party. Some guys don’t handle alcohol very well, and things often get out of hand. There is nothing wrong with having alcohol as long as guests drink responsibly. This includes arranging for a designated driver or safe means of transportation if the party requires being on the road. Carefully plan and consider safety as a top priority if drinking will be part of the party activities.

 5. The Show

No matter what you may have heard, it is not essential to the success of a bachelor party to have an erotic performer appear. It is not necessary to show distasteful movies, either. Some folks, maybe even the groom, might find these activities in bad taste, not to mention the trouble it can cause him with his future bride.

Some event planners like to have a looping slideshow reflecting pictures of the groom from early years to the present. Whatever entertainment you choose, plan it according to the groom’s preferences. As the bachelor party planner, it is your responsibility to make this a memorable day in the groom’s life.

 If you are a best friend of the betrothed, you may only have one chance to plan a bachelor party. Give it the careful consideration it deserves.

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