May 27, 2021

Understanding the School Fees in Noida – Top Fee Brackets

school fees in noida

The following details of the facilities and fees of major schools in Noida help in understanding the brackets of the general school fees in Noida

One to Two Lakhs Per Annum

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Easily seen as the best school in Noida, GIIS was established in Singapore back in 2002 and then opened its branches in India after a couple of years. It is truly an international school with the GMP and CBSE boards for standards up to class 12.

GIIS Noida features an award winning holistic development framework called the 9GEMS™  which lauds students’ different talents in Academic excellence, Sports excellence, Visual & Performing arts, Personality Development, Innovation & Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Universal values & Ethics, Community & Care and Skill Development. 

Its CBSE curriculum that powers grades 1-12, also has a unique play school programme for its nursery admission called the Global Montessori Plus programme which improves upon the philosophies of Maria Montessori along with their own formulated, innovative methods which falls further under 5 prime pillars that are- ‘Excelerate’ Programme, Multi-faceted learning, iPlay Programme, iCare Programme and Future Ready Programme.

Fee: Around 1.35 Lakh per annum.

Ryan International School

Here is a famous school from the early 1990s that hinges on ‘Excellence in Education’ and ‘All round Development’. Now, it stands strong with 139 campuses across the country and abroad assisting more than 2 lakh students. Passouts of this school have secured admission across renowned learning institutions like the IITs, St.Stephens, the Hindu college, Jamia Millia Islamia, SRCC etc.

Fee: Around 1.32 Lakh per annum.

Shiv Nadar School

Being a 2012 co-ed international day school with the IB and CBSE board upto class 12, it is located in the prime area of Sector 168, The Shiv Nadar School is a product of the esteemed Shiv Nadar Foundation  and provides K12 private education and is well-known all over the country.

Fee: Around 2 Lakh per annum.

Kothari International School

Established around 15 years ago, it is a co-ed International Day School with the IGCSE and CBSE board upto class 12. It was founded by the Late Shri M.M Kothari, on the basis of primary objectives that were to offer students individualized care and support to push them in thinking independently and innovatively towards helping them become  masters in their own intellectual ways. It’s small batch size of 24 students makes it a better learning model.

Fee: Around 1.5 Lakh per annum.

Two to Three Lakhs Per Annum

Step by Step School Noida

With 547 students in 2005, it is a co-ed International Day School that is spread across ten acres of land and occupies ample playing areas for specific sports. Currently, the school’s strength is exacted at 2258 with an effective 8:1 student teacher ratio. Step by Step School, along with its facilities is getting better along with its dependency on diverse boards like IB, CBSE and IGCSE board upto class 12.

Fee: Around 2.6 Lakh per annum.

Amity Global School

Established in the year 2010, it is a Co-ed International Day School with the IB board upto class 10.

Amity Global School is located in Sector 44 of Noida and was established in the year 2010 and is quite reputed all over the nation for its chain of schools and major colleges. It is a worthy option if you want a privatised and a student-centric experience.

Fee: Around 3.2 Lakh per annum.

Three Lakhs and Above

Pathways School Noida

Also established in the year 2010, Pathways School is a co-ed International Day School based on the IB board upto class 12.

Since then it has been growing at groundbreaking speed. The school employs techniques like the Multiple Intelligences approach, developed by Dr. Howard Gardner from Harvard University. It also boasts a safe, clean, peaceful, stimulating and enlightening environment suited to the learning needs of each child. The kids here are taught to be prolific communicators amongst themselves and learn to speak powerfully and think confidently in order to move on to top institutions in India and around the world.

Fee: Around 4 Lakh per annum.

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